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Study finds health foods big on buzzwords

06 July, 2020

A University of Sydney study has found that healthy snack foods contain more buzzwords than their non-health counterparts, despite being only slightly healthier.

On the shelf: Capilano launches low GI honey

09 June, 2020

Capilano has launched a low GI honey, which has endorsement from the Glycaemic Index Foundation.

Nestlé plant-based burger no longer 'incredible' in Europe

04 June, 2020

Nestlé must rename its plant-based burgers sold in Europe, after a Dutch court granted an injunction filed by Impossible Foods.

Microbial contamination leads to kimchi product recall

29 April, 2020

Two kimchi products produced by The Kimchi Company have been recalled due to a potential microbial contamination.

Fruit puree hiding the real taste of vegies in baby food

22 April, 2020

A study has found that some commercial baby foods that claim to have dark green vegetables could contain sweet fruit puree, which hides the taste of vegies.

'Tis the season to avoid food poisoning

19 December, 2019

Around 4.1 million Australians are affected by food poisoning each year; here are a few tips to help with your Christmas meal preparation safety.

Calls for transparency in labelling after fish fraud investigation

08 November, 2019

An investigation has revealed that fish are often mislabelled, leading to calls for mandatory labelling laws for Australia's seafood industry.

Frozen microwave meals recalled due to Salmonella

23 October, 2019

A Salmonella outbreak has prompted Core Ingredients to recall products from its Core Powerfoods frozen meals range.

Six food start-ups planting Seeds of Change in Australia

19 August, 2019

Six food start-ups have been selected to partake in the first Seeds of Change Accelerator program, receiving a $40,000 grant to build their business.

Nestlé to launch plant-based burgers

03 April, 2019

The 'cook from raw' plant-based burgers will launch in Europe this month and in the United States later this year.

Rosella launches foodservice range you can trace

08 March, 2019

Rosella has partnered with tomato grower and processor Kagome Australia to produce a traceable foodservice range made with 100% Aussie-grown tomatoes.

Indulgent desserts might be a good idea

12 February, 2019

If you want to eat a healthy diet and also dessert, you will consume 30% fewer calories if your choose your high-calorie dessert first.

Vegemite releases gluten-free spread in Australia

11 February, 2019

Vegemite has launched a gluten-free and FODMAP-friendly Vegemite by switching out brewer's yeast for gluten-free baker's yeast. 

BESTEVIA Reb M Stevia Leaf Sweetener

08 February, 2019

The BESTEVIA Reb M Stevia Leaf Sweetener is a non-caloric, high-purity stevia sweetener with a clean, sugar-like taste, without the bitterness associated with some stevia sweeteners.

Malnutrition widespread in US hospitals

08 February, 2019

About one in three hospitalised adults in the US are at risk of malnutrition, and many are eating inadequate amounts of food, which is which is increasing their mortality risk.

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